“People Are In Captivity, Hunger Is Everywere Yet Politicians Spent Public Funds On Private Jets” – Sheik Gumi

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Prominent Islamic scholar and tutor, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has slammed politicians who hired private jets to attend the wedding of Yusuf Buhari.

Yusuf and his wife, Zahra Bayero, got hitched in a wedding ceremony that took place in Bichi, Kano state last Friday, August 20.

As expected, the wedding attracted powerful dignitaries including former Nigerian leaders, diplomats, businessmen, monarchs and many others.

A video was shared online showing the large number of private jets that flew into the Aminu Kano International Airport for the wedding.

Gumi who is displeased by this development said the politicians displayed opulence amid abject poverty in the country.

Guardian reports that the cleric tackled the politicians while preaching at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna over the weekend.

“Umar bn Kattab once took 16 dinar, which is equivalent of N2,040,000 today, from the treasury as estacode to Hajj. After their return, Umar admitted to Abdallah that they wasted public funds. Somebody told me private jets in Nigeria were all hired for the wedding of Buhari’s son.

Some people are in captivity in the bushes and cities. Hunger is everywhere. People are facing all manner of problems, yet politicians spent public funds on private jets,” he said