Google Celebrates Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day With Unique Doodle

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The tech giant patronised Nigeria by creating a unique doodle in celebration of the country’s independence.

As a way of marking the celebration, Google Doodle icon for October 1, 2021 depicts the national colour – green and white – and symbol, an eagle.

Explaining the design, Google Doodle wrote, “On this day in 1960, Africa’s most populous country (with over 200 million inhabitants) became a sovereign republic, an anniversary commemorated as Nigeria’s Independence Day.

“Today’s Doodle celebrates this monumental occasion with a depiction of Nigeria’s national animal and symbol of strength—the eagle.

“In the Nigerian coat of arms, a red eagle spreads its wings above a wreath of green and white—the national colors also featured in the Doodle artwork that represent fertility and peace, respectively.

“Below these symbols, the Nigerian motto serves as the foundation for the coat of arms: ‘Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.’

“Today’s observance of Independence Day embodies this official slogan as many citizens at home and abroad unify across diverse backgrounds to reflect on over 60 years of Nigerian history.

“Whether listening to local Nigerian music such as fújì or preparing traditional meals like egusi (a type of melon seed) soup, celebrants honor their heritage while looking forward to the future. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!”