We Won’t Obey Your Satanic Anti-Grazing Laws – Miyetti Allah

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National President, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Socio-cultural Organisation, Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, has said the anti grazing laws by some states, especially in the Southern part of the country exist only in the media and will never be implemented.

Speaking with VINCENT KALU, Bodejo said the groaning over the high price of cow meat would get louder, asserting that prices would hit the rooftop in the coming months.

What is your view on the way things are going on in the country?

I have to speak on the side of the Fulani. For us, we have not had it so bad all over the country. While others are crying, the Fulani are dying. The situation is so bad. They don’t have place to graze their cattle; they don’t have hospitals, they don’t have schools.

Like bandits, Boko Haram also operates in the forest; the Fulani are equally doing their legitimate activities in the bushes and forests, and they can’t abandon their cattle and come and stay in the town.

While they are in the forests, bandits and Boko Haram kidnap them, as well as rustle their cattle. And when they come to the town to buy provisions, security agents and vigilance groups kill them, saying they are bandits, whereas they are innocent. This is their dilemma, which is disturbing them and they have been complaining to us.

We are not bandits; we respect law and obey order. It is the Nigeria constitution we obey, and not the anti-open grazing laws by states. We respect and support the governors;. The only problem is the law, which is satanic.