I’m Glad I Left My Toxic Relationship – Reality TV Star, Leo Dasilva Speaks Up

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Leo Dasilva, a 2018 reality TV star and entrepreneur, has said he is happy that social media is helping to create awareness about sensitive issues like domestic violence and toxic relationships.

Dasilva said his past experience as a victim of domestic violence had taught him priceless lessons and he was grateful for life.

He said, “I was really young then and at that time, people were not talking much or condemning domestic violence and we were not much educated on how relationships should be. We didn’t know things like toxic relationships and things we should take or reject in relationships. So, a lot of times, we ended up staying in relationships that might not be good for our progress.

“My issue happened a long time ago and I am very grateful I got out of that situation in one piece because anything could have happened to me at that time. I would say that the conversation we have on social media has helped to expose the kind of things we should accept and not accept.

“My hardest lesson in life so far is that one cannot really plan tomorrow and you cannot say you or your loved ones will be alive tomorrow. Everything is just by the grace of God because if anyone had told me six years ago that this year my parents will not be alive, I would have doubted it. I have always had my parents in my plans for the next 20 years but here we are and none of them is alive.’’

The 29-year-old also talked about how he has been able to handle stardom after participating in the popular reality show in 2018.

Dasilva said, “It has been quite seamless for me in the sense that from high school, I was very popular. I used to attend parties in school because I was the social prefect and I was on my school’s radio as well. In the UK and in the United States, I used to go to parties, too. Obviously, I was not as popular then as I am now but it gave me the experience which has helped me to make a seamless transition. This is life for me, I am able to manage it and I know exactly what I want. So, it is not a situation where I am distracted about anything unlike back in the days. I have learnt a lot of lessons before I attained fame.

‘’I have been in the structured business since 2010 and I founded SODZ Entertainment in 2018 in the United Kingdom and I expanded it to America about a year later. But I have been in private equity since 2018. I was doing some real estate projects with a couple of my friends before I went for BBN. After BBN, I saw how my platform was and I did not want to limit myself to just real estate. So, I decided to encapsulate every single passion of mine into equity.”