Kalu Begs Igbos To Work With Buhari, Says Abia North Has No Regret In Giving 68% Votes

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Chief Whip of the Senate and Senator representing Abia North Senatorial district,  Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has pleaded with Igbos to work with President Muhammadu Buhari and appreciate him for the infrastructures he built in the South East 

This is even as the former governor hailed his constituents,  Abia North for being the only zone  in the South East to have given  Buhari 68% votes during the 2019 general elections .

Kalu spoke to Journalists in Kebbi state on Friday,  after he was turbaned with the revered traditional title of Kibiyan Kabi of Argungu Emirate alongside President of the Senate,  Ahmed Lawan (Ganuwan Kabi of Argungu Emirate)

According to the Abia North Senator, ” My Constituency has no regret in voting for Buhari.  Given an opportunity we will vote him again.  The reality is that no leader is perfect and no reasonable person would say that Buhari is perfect.  He may not have gotten it 100% but in the history of the country,  he is the only President that have implemented the federal budget 100%. Every leader needs support and I am glad my constituency supported him . 

“It is on record that Abia North Senatorial zone is the only zone in the entire South East that gave Buhari 68% votes , we were the highest.  So people should not be surprised that I am building a lot of infrastructure in my constituency. The people are reaping the fruits of their labor. ”

Responding to claims that Igbos hate Buhari , Kalu debunked the claim, stating that people seem to underestimate the word ‘hate’. 

He explained that , ” Nigerians underestimate certain words” , adding that some elements who are envious of the Igbos  sold the propaganda that Igbos hate Buhari.  “The word hate is too harsh . The Igbos do not hate President Buhari.  The zone was only expressing their dissatisfaction with the way Igbos were sidelined in the affairs of the nation . But as I always said , the South East zone needed more infrastructure in this government than the appointment.  In the last government, what did the South  East appointees  in that government do for us ? But Buhari has given us infrastructures,  he is almost completing the second Niger bridge.  In Abia North Senatorial zone,  I have been able to complete 32 roads  across the zone with many others soon  to be completed . We need infrastructures and not just appointment . The Northerners and the South Easterners are  great brothers.  You could see how the Igbo community who came to witness this event were given royal treatment.  

“I  am pleading with my brothers not to buy the lies , propaganda and blackmails sold to discredit and destroy the brotherhood between the North and South East. President Buhari is a man I have known since  the past 32 years .  You may say he is not a very sociable person but people are different.  Him  not been sociable and not communicating the way others may want may have led to a  few misunderstandings about him . Nevertheless,  he is a good man and haven’t changed. Just like every other leader,  Buhari needs the support of the entire nation to work well and Igbos are known to be very supportive people .” He said 

On the Secession agenda of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and detainment of Nnamdi Kanu,  The Chief Whip reiterated his belief on unity and explained that he was the one who got the detained IPOB’s leader released during his first incarceration ,  he added  that it is not impossible to do it again . He said he would discuss with some stakeholders and the federal government to consider an amiable solution on Kanu

The former Governor who also  holds several titles in other Emirates  praised the Emir  of Argungu Emirates and the people of Kebbi state for extending so much love to him. He said he would continue to uphold his strong belief and conviction that a United  Nigeria is more favorable to all Nigerians.