Anambra Woman Uses Garden Eggs To Revive Man In Coma

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A boxing coach, Mr John Peters Ezenwa, who was recently revived from death with garden eggs by the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Chief Dr Mrs Flora Nkemakonam Ilonzo has urged government support to create awareness on use of herbal drugs.

Ezenwa, aged 74, alias Adindu, from Awka Etiti in Idemili South LGA, Anambra State, was discharged from CPHA Awka Friday noon after been certified healthy.

According to him “It was from funeral I lost consciousness and was in coma for ten days. Some thought I was dead. My breathing has ceased, legs and tummy swollen. As at then, I don’t urinate or defecate. When my people brought me to CPHA.

“My people took me to different hospitals without no solution. One ordered for dylisis; yet no good result. It was then they brought me to CPHA. My people said that when got in, Anyafulugo (Ilonzo) urged them to go and buy garden egg and its leaves. When they brought it, she told them to wash it and use it to wash my head. I got well and started defecating two hours after…

“I never knew that garden eggs have medicinal values. It was very miraculous. She used only fruits and plants to revive me. I now eat it. I drank it this morning too. I am appealing to our people to listen to Anyafulugo teachings on radio and internet. People should visit her to learn many things about our food and plants. Indeed our food is our medicine. Let no one neglect it. Our government should come to this centre and empower it to do more in sensitising and healing our land.”

Also speaking, Mr Chukwudalu Umeadozie, from Amichi in Nnewi South, who brought Adindu, said he heard about CPHA from someone healed from the place.

“When Adindu’s brother-in-law told me that he no longer defecate, I suggested them to visit CPHA although I had not been to the place before that day. We planned and asked questions until we located here. She told us to buy 15 coconut and garden eggs. We did and they were giving to Adindu. And he became well again,” he stated.

Responding, the Founder/CEO of CPHA, Chief Dr Mrs Flora Ilonzo, reiterated her calls on Africans especially the Igbo nation to rembrance African plants, fruits and vegetables as they were not only assets from God but remedy to all kinds of ailments.

Ilonzo, who thanked God for always using her to save souls, reemphasised that all plants have signatures signifying kinds of diseases they cure, even as she recommended Ukpaka, garden eggs and their leaves, water yams (ji abana) and others as daily menu to all.

She equally enjoined the South East governors and other political leaders to invest on research, discovery and cultivation of Igbo plants that have gone into extinct especially anunu ngwe, with a view to preserving our heritage for resolving the frictions between man and nature.

Earlier, Prof. Raphael Okigbo of Department of Botany, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, adviced the government, universities and other higher institutions to invest on alternative medicine through research sponsorship, creation of courses on that especially for PhD and Masters graduate.