Orji Uzor Kalu

Forum Of Nigerian Nationalists Adopts Senator Orji Uzor Kalu As President 2023

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The Forum of Nigerian Nationalists (FONN) is a group of non partisan, positive thinking and forward looking patriotic Nigerians advocating national unity and identity based on the principle of equality, justice and fair play. It is well established in all thirty-six states of the Federation and the FCT having been founded before the inception of the Buhari administration in 2015.

The Group – FONN accomplishes its mandate through mass mobilization, political education, consultation, information dissemination and formulation of public opinion. It conducts analysis on public policies and renders commentaries on key national and international issues relevant to the Nigerian state. Indeed, it is a robust platform and a clearing house on matters of politics, economics and social development of Nigeria.

A spokesperson of FONN noted that Senator Orji Kalu has indeed surpassed all the criteria needed to assume the presidency of Nigeria. This criterion include inter alia:

1. Understanding the economy. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and had been so rated by Forbes.

2. Executive governance. He had been one of Nigeria’s most successful governors.

3. Inclination to democracy. He is a strong pillar and an advocate of democracy having been one of the champions of the formation of the PDP even before 1999.

4. He is an internationalist. He understands the configuration of powers of the world and the diplomacy required.

5. He is a de-tribalized Nigerian who is fully integrated and as a result, traditionally recognized by chieftaincy institutions north and south.

6. He is a strong family man who understands the values and sociology of family life.

7. He is a self-made man who ascended to opulence from the bottom.

8. He preaches the politics of peace and reconciliation.

9. He does not constitute a threat to any individual, class, religion, institution – formal or informal. He is a bridge builder.

10. He is of the ripe age and good health to conduct the affairs of state within the comity of Africa and our world’s nations.  

The spokesman further said that as a principal officer of the national legislature and a top member of the leadership of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Orji brings a level of charisma and exceptional qualities of: objectivity, deep understanding of national and international issues, experience in governance and legislative matters having been in the National Assembly previously and now a ranking member, and a reputation for friendship and fairness to all. 

By becoming a principal officer of the 9th Assembly, and ipso facto in the hierarchy of our country’s decision-making, Orji in addition, has provided a unique geo-political balance in the governance structure of Nigeria. In line with this development and our calculations, his elevation makes him one of the highest political office holders (following the Vice President) in Southern Nigeria. It will therefore, bequeath him as the holder of the office, with a strategic yet formidable responsibility needed to reposition and finally address the yearnings of the peoples of the Nigerian nation, since the civil war.

FONN thanks God for His grace upon Orji as it utilizes this opportunity to convey words of support and encouragement to him. The journey has only just begun and FONN Stands solidly behind the Senator.

Our highest regards to the future president of Nigeria.

Mallam Sani AbdulMalik

Interim National Coordinator- North 

Elder Sunday Jumbo

Interim National Coordinator- South