Lady Pays For Hotel Room For Mother Who Sleeps In Airport Bathroom With Her Kids

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A young lady has brought succor to a single mother who is homeless and sleeps at the airport with her children.

The lady identified as Cyn Symoné narrated how she met the woman at an airport after missing her first flight which was headed to Los Angeles, US.

Cyn said she rebooked the flight and had gone to the airport restroom while waiting for her baggage. While checking her make-up in the restroom, she heard a woman crying so hard.

Startled, she had listened carefully and heard the woman wailed and spoke in Spanish. Cyn left and returned 4 times before summoning the courage to engage the woman in a conversation.

The poor woman told Cyn that she has been sleeping on the airport bathroom floor with her kids and had prayed to God to help her figure it out.

She then took the woman and her children on a ride with her and paid for a hotel room for them.

She wrote; ”I missed my first flight to LA yesterday & had to catch another, I was so upset.. But now I know why !!!! When I finally got to LAX baggage claim I went to the bathroom to check my little makeup y’all know me … & I heard a woman crying so hard …. I was thinking should I say something like “it’s gonna be okay” , but I was nervous and she was speaking Spanish so I didn’t know if she’d even understand me …I left and came back to the bathroom like 4 times while I was waiting for my bags to come down (full flight) and I heard her say “but the bus doesn’t come until tomorrow “

😢 OMG my heart dropped … so I asked her if she had Zelle or CashApp she said no

‼ So I asked her if I could pay for her a hotel until tomorrow and she stopped crying and opened the stall door AND I SEEN THE SLEEPING KIDS !!! Omg y’all ‼️‼️

I felt so happy to help her , knowing I just be spending my little money on bullshit … so she rode with me to the Marriott and I got her a room

❤️ I wanted to share this because I kept thinking like HOW MANY PEOPLE CAME INTO THE BATHROOM HEARD HER CRYING FOR HOURS .. didn’t know there were kids and kept going

💔 …. I’m glad I said something because she was super sweet and appreciative 🤍🤍 and she had babies with her
😢 & I took the photo to send to “my ride” to emphasize like “can she please ride with us I’ll pay she needs help”

Update: Yes I decided to post the photo, because when I woke the next morning, I thought to myself , if people only knew the extent of the crying woman in the stall, would they have stopped ? & unfortunately for most seeing is believing… I hope everyone takes something from this❤️”