Don’t Give Money To Any Girl In The First Six Months Of 2022 – Omokri Advises Men

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Nigerian author and social commentator, Reno Omokri has asserted that some men may have not gotten their breakthrough in 2021 because of their link to ‘urgent 2k’ girls.

According to him, whenever a man co-mingles with girls that demand urgent 2k, and they end up in bed, he might as well be giving himself up to the boys who use such girls for Yahoo plus.

Omokri then advised men who lost their way, to seek a new path in 2022, one which requires them to focus on helping their parents and forget about giving any girl as much as a dime.

He wrote;

“Dear single men,

Some negative things that occur to you are traceable to urgent 2k girls, who co-mingle with you, then with other guys, who might be Yahoo plus. Fornication makes you one flesh with her. If your libido is high, go and marry. Don’t go and fornicate.

“If you found it difficult to make a breakthrough in life in 2021, try this and thank me later: For the first six months of 2022, don’t give a dime to any girl. Instead, sow a seed to your parents. If God does not bless you, then I am not called!”