2023: Next President Must Be Less Than 60 Years – Youths Demand

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The National Youths Union has demanded that Nigerian youths stand to reclaim the lost glory of the country by actively participating in the 2023 general elections.

The youths under the umbrella of the NYU stated that it was time to reclaim Nigeria from the current set of political leaders who had worsened the situation in Nigeria.

NYU President, Chinonso Obasi, stated this at the first non-elective convention of the organisation held in Abuja, on Wednesday, saying it would take determination and commitment to salvage Nigeria from the clutches of aged political leaders who had led the country for decades.

He, thus, advised the youths to vehemently resist any political party that would present any candidate above the age of 60 for any political office in the 2023 general elections, while demanding greater opportunities for younger people in the political circle.

Obasi said, “The 2023 general election is a golden opportunity for Nigerian youths to take a stand and reclaim the country. It is our time to make or mar our chances of engendering inclusive and purposeful governance.

“We shall in the next few weeks begin an aggressive voter registration campaign. The same way Nigerian youths waved the national flag as a symbol of resistance during the End SARS protest, every of our members will arm him/herself with a Permanent Voter Card.

“This march for Freedom From Political Oppression (FFPO) campaign would get down to all the 774 LGAs of the country. We shall demand interface with aspiring leaders and subject them to debates and discussions aimed at bringing out the best and de-marketing the old.

“The present socioeconomic disaster in the country, without doubt, has direct bearing on the stunted leadership vision, which continues on the path of trying to solve today’s problems with old strategies.

“There is not only much suffering in the land due to insecurity and declining standard of living, but also, citizens continue to lament over the wanton killings, abductions, robberies, rape and ritual murders.

“The situation has become so bad that many people, within and outside Nigeria are wondering whether Nigeria still have a government in place. Although the government is doing its best to address the challenges, it has been overwhelmed by the problems simply because of the age of the ideas of its functionaries.”

He, therefore, advised the delegates to prevail on political parties to present younger people in next year’s election that would be able to engineer changes in socioeconomic and political space.

He said the convention unanimously agreed that, as minimum criteria, the next President of Nigeria must be below 60 years of age and should be prepared to show by his antecedents how he had factored youths into his leadership vision and accomplishments.