Hilarious: Nigerian Lady Pranks Her Boyfriend By Making Him Believe She Bought Him PS5 (Video)

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A young lady played a prank on her boyfriend by presenting him with what she said is a new PlayStation 5 but he did not know the box was empty.

She decided to storm his place with a new PS5 box in company of her friends, and captured the moment his excitement turned to disappointment.

In a video posted on Instagram, her boyfriend who was with his friend, could be seen expressing disbelief when she entered his apartment with the gift.

He hugged her warmly and was full of thanks, however, his happiness was short-lived when he opened the game box to see there was no console inside.

On opening it, he saw that it was decoder that had been packaged and this instantly dampened his mood.

He then fell to the floor and told her to leave him alone when she tried apologising. The boyfriend subsequently stormed off into his room and closed the door not allowing her inside.