Russian-Ukraine War: Premier League Changes Logo To Ukraine’s Colour In Solidarity

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English Premier League on Wednesday joined other sports governing bodies to condemn Russian invasion of Ukraine, changing its logo to Ukraine’s national colours in solidarity.

In solidarity with Ukraine, the EPL also uploaded a new profile picture on Facebook, with the Premier League logo on a yellow and blue background.

In a short statement on its official Facebook page on Wednesday, the EPL said, “A show of solidarity for Ukraine will be visible at all Premier League matches this weekend.”

It added, “The #PL and our clubs wholeheartedly reject Russia’s actions and will be showing support for the people of Ukraine at all matches this weekend.”

This came amid sanctions by various sports governing bodies targeting Russia and President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.

FIFA and UEFA had in a joint statement banned Russia, removing their teams from UEFA competitions.

The International Olympic Committee had called for Russia’s ban from all sports activities and competitions, while withdrawing its medals from Mr Putin and other political figures in Russia.