Bianca Ojukwu All Smiles After Fight With Obiano’s Wife at Soludo’s Inauguration

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Mrs Bianca Ojukwu has posed with one of Governor Soludo’s campaign directors, Ugochukwu Tony Oputa minutes after fighting ex-Governor Willie Obiano’s wife, Ebelechukwu at the inauguration ceremony of Charles Soludo.

Oputa stated that the photo was taken 30 minutes after she slapped Obiano’s wife at the inauguration.

It was gathered that Ebelechukwu Obiano and Mrs Bianca Ojukwu were involved in a fracas at the inauguration of Prof Chukwuma Soludo as the governor of Anambra.

According to Mr Oputa, who was at the event, it was Mrs Ojukwu who slapped Mrs Obiano.

He also claimed that Mrs Obiano said much more than was reported in the media.

“If you saw what happened, you would be irritated. From the way she came in lackadaisically and how she left her seat and walked over to Bianca who sat about two seats away from her to mock her and call her a bitch.” Mr Oputa said.