Police Officers In Nasarawa Arrest Student For Dyeing Hair

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A student of Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia, Nasarawa State, identified as Ahmed Saidu, has detailed how police officers from A Division Area Command in the state brutalised him and two other people.

According to FIJ, Saidu said that he and two of his friends, one wearing National Youth Service Corps khaki, went to withdraw money at an ATM point close to the college gate on March 9 when they encountered the policemen.

He stated that while they stood close to the ATM stand, some officers rushed there and arrested one of them.

He said that the policemen arrested one of them because he dyed his hair in gold colour.

He explained that the corps member among them only asked the police officers what their friend did wrong before they beat him.

“They started beating the corps member for asking them questions. They even destroyed the iPhone X he bought the previous day. When they were done, they took the person they had arrested to their station. We then left for home,” Saidu said.

Saidu said on getting home, the corps member’s father asked them to go to the police station to find out what happened.

He said a friend opted to follow them as the corps member refused to go along with them due to how the police beat him.

“On getting there, the police said we pelted them with stones. They even showed the corps member’s father some stones, saying we hurled many stones at them,” he said.

Saidu said some other police officers stationed at the gate of the police station wanted to arrest the friend who followed him to the station.

He said he took out his phone to record how the officer harassed his friends but it infuriated them.

“One officer came and dragged both of us inside the station. Our father figure was inside then. They started beating us. They beat me so much that my eyes got damaged; blood gushed out of my ears. Due of the beating, I will continue to see an optician for some time,” he explained.

He said after the officers had beaten him to their satisfaction, they asked him to delete the videos he had taken if they must let him go.