Abia North: Arochukwu Indigenes Reassures Sen Kalu Of Unflinching Support

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Once again the people of Arochukwu has reassured Ouk of their support come rain come sun.
the people were filled with gratitude towards their senator, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, who representing the Abia North senatorial district. The senator’s efforts in improving their lives and the development of their community had not gone unnoticed.

One of the ongoing projects the senator had championed was the completion of the Amoba road, a long-awaited solution to the community’s transportation challenges. The people had been eagerly waiting for this road to be finished, as it would not only ease their daily commute but also connect them to neighboring towns and cities, bringing about economic growth.

To their delight, news had recently spread that the completion of the Amoba road was imminent. The senator had worked tirelessly to secure funding for the project and had successfully rallied support from the relevant government agencies. The people of Arochukwu were hopeful that with the senator’s dedication, work would soon commence again, and the long-awaited road would finally become a reality.

However, the positive changes brought by Senator Kalu didn’t stop there. He also recognized the need for economic development in Arochukwu and worked towards completing the cassava processing plants in Agbagwu. With these plants operational again, not only would the community benefit from increased job opportunities, but the entire region would also reap the rewards of a thriving cassava processing industry.

Furthermore, the senator understood the importance of security and welfare for the community. He generously provided street lights, ensuring that the town’s streets were well-lit and safe, even during the dark hours of the night. This significant gesture was met with heartfelt appreciation from the people, as it brought them a sense of security and tranquility, he gave street lights to the communities in Aro.

To top it all off, Senator Kalu surprised the people of Arochukwu with a New Year’s gift. As the new year dawned, he distributed bags of rice, beans, and noodles to every household, along with a cash gift. The sense of joy and gratitude enveloped the town, as the people understood that their senator not only worked hard for their betterment but also cared deeply for their well-being.

For the Aros who passed through itumbuzo during the last Christmas enjoyed The ride home as the senator just completed the 6 km road in itumbuzo.
Let’s not forget he constructed ugwuavo/ Akama road, utuhgugwu road, about 2km in uburuihe, Etc.

Schools renovated are Amoba primary school, Aggry primary school, Mary slessor primary School, Agbagwu primary school, Amuvi primary school. He also gave them school martials like desks, school bags, text books and exercise books.

In return for all that Senator Kalu had done, the people of Arochukwu enthusiastically pledged their unwavering support. They recognized his dedication to their community and promised to rally behind him in the next election. The senator’s consistent efforts to improve their lives had forged a strong bond between him and the people of Arochukwu.

As the story unfolded, Arochukwu experienced a renaissance. The completion of the Amoba road brought about new opportunities for trade and commerce, boosting the local economy. The revitalized cassava processing plants created jobs for the unemployed and provided a steady income for many families. The well-lit streets enhanced the community’s safety, allowing them to go about their daily activities without fear.

And so, the people of Arochukwu lived in a community of progress and gratitude, forever thankful for the positive impact Senator Dr Orji Uzor Kalu had made in their lives. They looked forward to a bright future, knowing that their senator would continue to champion their interests and bring about further growth and development in their beloved town.

And as Oliver twist they also ask him to remember to remember the women in the market who also needs the solar lights in the Avia nkwo market Arochukwu, the also reminded him of the need to do more road project and renovate more schools in the area. Do not forget the Ibom nchege road is also part of the promises he made.