COVID 19 deaths has risen up to 2,403 in Africa

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By Amaka Obi, Abuja

As the coronavirus continue to spread around the World, the African continent death tolled has gone up to 2,403, by the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number of confirmed cases now stand at 69,578 while 23,978 patients have been discharged, according to the latest update.

Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Niger have the highest death toll in West Africa at 158, 51 and 47 respectively, while in East Africa Sudan recorded 80, Somalia 52, and Kenya 36.

North Africa has registered 23,700 cases, 1,300 deaths and 9,100 recoveries; West Africa 20,600 cases, 428 deaths, 5,900 recoveries; Southern Africa 12,300 cases, 225 deaths and 4,600 recoveries; East Africa 6,800 cases, 208 deaths and 2,400 recoveries, while Central Africa has 6,300 cases, 245 deaths and 2,000 recoveries.

With 11,300 cases, South Africa is the worst-affected in terms of infections. Egypt, meanwhile, has the highest death toll — 544 — compared to South Africa’s 206.

In Central Africa, Cameroon registered 125 virus-linked deaths, DRC 50 and Chad 40.


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