Gambia and Senegal’s Scientist approve the use of Madagascar Covid Organics

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By Johnson Dike Lagos,

It was earlier reported that some African countries have ordered Covid Organics, the herbal remedy from Madagascar. Of all the African countries that have ordered the herbal remedy, Gambia and Senegal scientist have approved the herbal drink for cure of the coronavirus.

The was reported by the standard news that the Gambia Scientists’ Association, a group of nine home-based scientists, have claimed they are about to test some vaccines for the Covid-19 Suwaebou Jammeh, the president of the association said that yesterday that three different vaccines are now ready for testing.

“Just like our fellow scientists around the world, when the coronavirus outbreak was reported we decided to mobilise our efforts to see how best we could secure a vaccine. As we speak, we have discovered three different vaccines which are set for testing and we hope one of them will be effective for Covid-19,” he said.

However, Mr Jammeh added:

“We want to make it very clear that these vaccines have not been tested yet. We cannot confirm that they will be effective but we are very confident that one of them will be. We just did what scientists around the world are doing. We know we are not certified to make medicine but we are trying to engage the Ministry of Health to see whether they are interested to test the vaccine and see whether it is effective or not.”

Meanwhile the Senegalese scientific committee has accepted the herbal drink and its effectiveness for the cure of the coronavirus. This was said after the clinical trials have approved its effectiveness.

Professor Daouda Ndiaye talking to Radio Futurs Medias (RFM) said the Professor Epidemiologist and Head of the Parasitology-Mycology Service of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar confirmed the effectiveness of the Malagasy remedy.

“We are moving towards the use of artemisia (Covid-19 Organics). On our side on the scientific level, our light is green […]. We are going to organize ourselves to see how we can reproduce the same formula or order the remedy to give it to the Senegalese,”said Daouda Ndiaye

Source: Standard News

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