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Our plans post COVID 19: The presidency

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By Amaka Obi Lagos

As the World continues to contain the coronavirus, countries are unsure of what the situation post Covid 19 will be. President Buhari has prepared a list of things to be done in areas of the economy, healthcare, job security, and general wellbeing to make life better for Nigerians.

According to Special Adviser to the President on Media, Mr. Femi Adesina, an Economic Sustainability Committee will be set up and headed by the Vice President to define a post-COVID-19 economy for Nigeria, as well as an economic team, headed by the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning to study the effect of COVID-19 on the economy.

In the area of Agriculture, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is to head a task force on free movement of food. Mr. Femi also revealed ongoing plans to tackle weak health systems and infrastructure through establishment of quality laboratories, intensive care units, and isolation centers in all states of the federation.

In addition, he mentioned plans to construct major rural roads, the building of mass houses, large scale installation of residential solar systems, utilizing mainly local materials, and expansion of the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

According to him, the goal of the 2020-2022 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (M-TEF) and the Budget 2020 is to prioritize beneficial expenditures over insignificant spending. As well stringent financial controls put in place to detect, eliminate and sanction instances of waste, funds misappropriation and corruption, Adesina stated.


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