Nigeria’s federal structure not working for the North – Ex- APC presidential aspirant

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By Victor Ajihromanus


Adamu, Founder and Group CEO of IPI Group joined the elder Statesman Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, Friday, to brainstorm the impact of the Coronavirus on the nation’s economy and whether the current political structure is addressing the problem.

Adamu said that the current structure is not working for anybody in the country especially for the northern part of the country adding that very few people benefit from the current system in the country at the moment because the country is running a highly centralized system. He said that infrastructures that should enable productivity at the state level are not in place as every state is looking up to the center for the “national cake”. He said, “The system is not working for everybody, the North is greatly impoverished. We are more disadvantaged than the South West, South East and South-South of this country, you may not have political distribution, but when it comes to the distribution of right policy that enables people to function at full capacity, we are the most disadvantaged. “The issue of restructuring has been highly politicized, we should be reorganizing strategically, silent by decentralized Security first, and we can then begin to have some level of resource control, not complete resources control.”

Talking about the decentralization of security, he said the decision of the state governors to create Vigilante groups in their various states is an opportunity to come up with a law that will decentralize the police. He, however, said that the Police should not be allowed to be under the Control of Governors, but should be under the Federal Judicial System. According to him, we can use this opportunity for Police to operate at the state level under the Commissioner of Police, meanwhile, this policing system will not be accountable to Governors, but to a Federal Judicial system. The conference which held on May 15, 2020, was titled,” The coronavirus pandemic, is it time to re-evaluate the political structure?” Covid-19: Turning a crisis into opportunities series is being organised by Governance Index – a social enterprise dedicated to promoting purposeful leadership around the world.


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