Anambra records about 80 cases of Father-Daughter rape during lockdown

Anambra records about 80 cases of Father-Daughter rape during lockdown

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About 80 cases of rape was reported in Anambra State during the lockdown, the punch reports

This was disclosed by Mrs Nkechi Anazodo, the Director of Child welfare services in the State Ministry of Women Affairs on Monday. 

she said, “Sexual violence has become the order of the day, especially during this period of lockdown.

“The most worrisome is that some fathers raped their daughters more during the lockdown. In most cases, fathers who rape their daughters threaten to kill them if they report.

“The problem, therefore, is that many people don’t report these cases because they feel that the victim might be stigmatised.

she has also stated the need for a state wide campaign in the 21 local government areas of the state.

”that is why we are going round the 21 local government areas of the state to create awareness of this problem”

43 Replies to “Anambra records about 80 cases of Father-Daughter rape during lockdown”

  1. Where are the Wives when Husbands rape the Daughters?
    What Relationships existed between Father and Daughter before Lockdown?
    A few isolated incidents cannot lead to such a generalisation.

    1. Silly questions when you should be blaming the rapist? What type of father/daughter relationship would justify raping your child? You’re more focused on blaming everyone but the rapist. Instead of your faux concern about generalizations, ask yourself why you’re a rape apologist.

      1. I don’t know who you are Erica B but I love you.

        Christopher. Stop being a fucking rape apologist. Hold only the rapist accountable, period!.

      2. It is not a silly question. Do you know what 80 means? He is only saying the story cannot be correct to that magnitude. Was the lockdown for only fathers and daugthers alone? Where were the wives? Even if where there are situation of single parenting, was it in a very large number and almost all where involve. He is simply saying the report is not true. There were cases of rape but not to that large number and not limited to fathers and daugther alone. Reasonable and logic thinking will tell you that analysis is not correct.

        Let them lockdown more until nobody will be save. Are you surprised? Fathers are not made yo stay at home. Fathers are created to go to work, come back tired, rest and go out the next day. The whole country should be sincere to register their own record and you will see the extent of the mass collateral damage due to our reckless out of our confused leaders act of cowardice. How can you
        lockdown a family in confined home space for months? Government took away Mans freedom and livelihoods and turn him to houseman.
        Yet still expect them to be mentally normal, knowing very well that Men are doggy by nature, idle mind is the devils workshop. The poor commissioner did not hypothetically noticed that Nigeria Government are vehemently forcing out the cannibalistic breast in Nigerians in many ways. What a shame. Ichie Charles offodile

    2. What generalization are you talking about exactly? The article does not say all fathers in Anambra rape their daughters. The articles says in Anambra, there’s been on record 80 cases of father- daughter rape. So please Mr Iwu, kindly explain the generalization you are so concerned about. And please, why have you refused to question the offenders I.e the fathers in question? Instead you have asked about the role of the wives and inquired about the relationship btw the father and daughter , as if this abomination would be ok in a specific kind of father- daughter relationship. Hian…..

    3. You must be a rapist for this rubbish comment you have made. There is no justification for raping a child. Are you actually stupid

    4. What relationship existed between father and daughter before lockdown?!?!A parent and child relationship. Your reaction to this is loud as a rape apologist if not a rapist. Go mend whatever mental issues have before having any children or being involved with women. You are a disgrace

    5. Very stupid question Mr Christopher. So if a man has a bad relationship with his wife, he should go ahead and rape his daughter? Are you listening to yourself?
      In other words it is the wife’s fault?
      You are beginning to sound like a rapist yourself..
      In Africa, everything is blamed on the woman.


  2. This act of incest is aberrant to our culture, devilish and inhumane. Perhaps the next level will be mothers rapping their sons. What a tragedy! Are we not really diminishing from being human to beasts?

    1. You don’t ask gov to do something about terrorism and banditry in your region that is spreading across the nation and even outside Nigeria abi? Have gov start to do something about your regions rapists and terrorists first oo.. they are the ones that are wandering everywhere desecrating the country.

      1. See them. You’ll never admit the abomination taking place under your nose. Do you follow him around to know what he have asked his governor to do or not? Dude was even talking generally and did not mention any region. If this is not guilty conscience, what is it?

        Girl, don’t be intentionally stupid. Choke on your bigotry, okuko Igbo.

      2. A Nigerian showing his concern instead of you to appreciate and show support to him but your focus is another region. When will Nigerians stop acting this stupid?

        We all should come together to condemn this incestuous activities before they spread and become our new normal.

      3. Trisha, what type of reasoning is yours? What brought regionalization into this? Though I am not from your insinuated region but, even if you are uneducated, are you not interested in ridding your own society of this damnable evil? Without doubt,t contents of your skull must be urgently examined.

      4. We are not talking about region, but an issue destroying our families, traditions and life, let’s join hands together and condem rape in its entirety.

      5. You are actually not making sense. Your hatred is so much that the truth hurts you madly.
        Once you bears a Muslim name, you are an enemy not even caring where you are from. Do you know we have igbos who are Muslims?

        And the last time I checked, he didn’t say anything wrong. And he didnt mention any state and even if he did, he has right to his opinion. Stop hating and face the damn truth hypocrite. People like you disgust me.

        Stop painting your people bad. Only people with low mentality like you thinks the way you do. You have no right to call names or insult anyone especially if the person did not call you.

        Nonsense. I dislike people like you who only Thinks Hate, Eat Hate, Sleep Hate, Dream Hate, Bath Hate. Everything hate. Get a life, you disgust me.

  3. Instead of the Anambrarians to begin to sound defensive and offensive. It behoves on all to look i to the backyardsand remove every daint of inordinate affection rehabilitate the bent mind and punish all deserving criminals and remove there Images far away from all forms of evil

  4. Offensive and absurd!!! The fathers engage in such an abominable and shameful act must have lost their rationality and conscience. Certainly they must be possessed by demon for them to commit such act.

  5. We cannot blame demons when there are human beings who are responsible. We need to nip this evil in the bud and punish all these evil doers strongly and appropriately for their actions. Too many are silent,aiding and abetting this evil ,while innocent helpless ones continue to be abhorrently molested! Stop looking the other way! The building is on fire! We need to rise up,speak and act!

  6. The article is very specific – it simply states the number of father-daughter rape cases reported in Anambra during the lockdown. Your outburst would have been justified if the article read “Anambra men raped their daughters during lock down.”

  7. There should be community law to deal with this matter. Rapist should be made to have a date with women to explain their action. The law should empower women to review the case and charge the rapist to court after dealing with him.

  8. I dont think God will forgive a man who rapes his daughter and so society shouldn’t too. Anyone found should be judged expediently. I.e jailed wit hard labor.

  9. It’s sad u decided to shift your focus from the offender to the victim and mother. I have no words for u except that before u join the herd of rapists we would move for a petition for a death penalty for offenders maybe the colour in.ur eyes would clear and sanity would be restored in our land

  10. Raping your child or someone’s child is a sin sin anywhere, anytime and any day . It destroys humanity and invoke the wrath of god upon the doers. In this period of time no religion or society will accept or promote such an inhuman practice, no matter what exits between the both parents or children. Is a sickness to harbor such thoughts on in one’s mind not to talk of exhibiting such a beasties act upon human. No excuse to rape and it’s punishment need to be heavier…

  11. A law should be made that any man found guilty of rape should be castrated and his name and photo made public. That’s the only way to stop this abominable act.

  12. Unimaginable! A father raping his own child?! Incest!!
    God should have created them as goats but He knows all. Generally, rape of any one is highly commendable and rapists should simply be sent to gallows!! However, our comments should not be abusive but factual, therefore mr Christopher should only be corrected and educated. Some of these rapists are “men of god”, then what is the essence or usefulness of their faith?

  13. We must continue to condemn rape in all its manifestations. The question and the problem I think that a lot of people are not yet seeing is the pornography-connection in most of the rape cases.

    Pornography and the violent sexual behavioural tendencies are the dangers in the home and neighbourhood of any porn addict, it is only a question of when, and not if!
    (Cf. John Foubert, The Harms of Pornography, 2016)

  14. This is serious. Please the campaign should be taking down to ward level if possible. The government should also do something so as prevent others.

  15. This is very bad. How can u
    rape a child u brought to the world? Culprits should be severely punished. Public enlightenment should be done for people to know of this problem and the need for everyone to desist from this barbaric act.

  16. The lockdown forced everyone to be home at the same time, father, mother, children. Even conjugal relationship between husband and wife was very discreet because privacy was scarce commodity. One really wonders how these fathers and daughters were involved in uninterrupted sex at this time.

  17. 80 means an empirical survey has been made in Anambra to suggest such magnitude of abomination and moral debasement. It is interesting if Anambra women and their daughters have made these revelation. But it sounds frivolous and a little sexed up that within 2 months of lock down 80 fathers are culpable for raping their daughters. Please for the survey to be authentic and acceptable, I will suggest the investigator should names and apply this wonderful survey to all the states of the federation unless Anambra state is unique. This news is as embarrassing as it also very suspicious or conspirators and remove every iota of the doubt that generalization have not made the case an assumption or deceptively straight forward.

  18. Please the Ministry should carry out the campaign along side with CSOs like Association Against Child Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Anambra State Chapter who are at the grassroot mitigating CSGBV in the state since 2016.
    CBOs like AACSGBV LGA and community members will continue with whatever intervention that government will put in place.

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