The Almighty Governors

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By Jabir T. Usman, Kaduna

It baffles me that even when it is common knowledge as enshrined in the constitution that the judiciary and legislature are “autonomous” at both the federal and state levels as arms of government, the state governors feel and treat them as extentions of the executive. Ironically, and laughable, the governors as the heads of the executive arm at the state level are aiming to deprive the other sister arms not to enjoy the same fruits rendered to them by the constitution. The governors just want the other sister arms to remain as their puppets; serving as errand arms till eternity.

The governors gang up irrespective of party affiliation, and on desperate moves want to reverse “the dark ages” and retrogressive era of flagrant transgression of the tenets of democracy and the Rule of Law, as well as the spirit of “checks and balances” and “separation of powers”. In the same vein, fellow Nigerians should also respond equally, regardless of our differences and social backgrounds, to challenge and affront the governors within the ambit of law  so that this great opportunity will not pass us by.

Jabir T. Usman, Kaduna –

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