2023: “Nigeria Needs You in AsoRock”, Catholic Priest Chants as Kalu Arrives Abia

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By Timmy Johnson Chinedu

I wasn’t privileged to make a post on The Triumphal Entry Into Abia State of His Excellency Sen. (Dr) Orji Uzor Kalu (MON) because I was very busy as I participated in the organizing of the great reception.

There is Something remarkable I have observed about the Person of Sen Orji Uzor Kalu (MON): “He Commands General Acceptability”. Hate Him or Love Him, You Must Feel The Impact of His Overwhelming Splendor When He’s Out.

In 2003, I was in Mbiama, A Riverine Community in the border of present day Rivers State and Bayelsa State, I can’t remember vividly what was happening but I think the then Nigeria president Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo was on a visit to Bayelsa State in company of too many PDP Governors. Every one winded up in tinted glass security surrounded vehicles and was driving on high speed in fear of possible attack of the dreaded militants that had control of the south south region then, especially the East West Road.

Even the Presidential Convoy was heavily equipped and drove on high speed, but when His Excellency Sen Dr Orji Uzor Kalu MON, the then Executive Governor of Abia State stepped into Mbiama community, he stepped out of the car, marched on the street and was greeting people amidst loud cheers and thunderous ovation. The Joy of Igbos in the community had no limit. He was meeting the downtrodden, buying things like akara, corn and biscuit and was sharing with the poor.

I remembered a particular small boy of about four to six years old ran to him and he lifted him in his usually traditional white attire. He didn’t mind been stained. His action then attracted his colleagues! But he stole the show, as it still seems like he’s the only one on the road.

An Aba boy like me who knows him well from his house in Umuisi Igbere, In the same State constituency with me, Federal Constituency and Senatorial Zone, who also knows his house in Aba. I told a lot of brave stories about him: the Action Governor, I was surrounded and made a celebrity with even the Community Chiefs listening attentively to my sweet stories of his influence in infrastructure, sports, business and social life. In fact, I started commanding respect in the area. That was how I had my first babe! A story for another day.

Yesterday, I saw exactly a similar thing! From his arrival at the airport, the Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri shocked to it’s foundation. I’ve never seen a sight more Glorious! It was like a crusade ground. Even big men were running like kids just to behold his sight, including those who use to eat with him before.

I saw security operatives attached to politicians who came to welcome him leave their bosses and ran ahead! It was only God’s glory that made it possible for people not be stampeded.

Outside the airport, along Mbaise, Obowo, Onuimo, Tower and Okpara Square, Crowd was uncontrollable! Traditional gun salute was used to greet him by community leaders of every village we passed. I saw genuine joy and celebration. Umuahia was practically shutdown in dreaded hold up for hours.

OUK was greeted by cheers and jubilation by men, women and children from all works of life. South East Legislatures: National Assembly and State House of Assemblies where with him. I have never seen a longer presidential convoy. Indeed Sen Dr Orji Uzor Kalu MON is a Presidential Material.

Keke and bike operators drove all way from the airport to Igbere! Calculate the distance. The show of love was in excess. Vehicles that broke down were been helped by strangers just because of the Love of OUK.

It was so emotional. Shout of freedom songs and cheers of the “Hope Alive” popular slogan ranted the air.

His Excellency Sen Dr Orji Uzor Kalu MON is indeed the Hope of Igbo Presidency. Freedom for OUK is Freedom for Ndigbo and Indeed Freedom of A Detribalized Nigeria.

Welcome Back Oke Osisi Ndigbo
Welcome Back Boss of All Bosses
Welcome Back Game Master
Welcome Hope of Igbo Presidency

We Love You
Nde Hausa loves
Nde Yoruba Admires
Nde Nigeria Nile wants You.

Timmy Johnson Chinedu
Ugwueke/Ezeukwu Ward
Bende North Constituency
Abia State

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