El Rufai: A 7th century Jihadist wearing modern thinker robe

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By Peter Agba Kalu

That EL Rufai sees himself in this positive light he presented here goes a long way to justify why the invitation by the Nigeria Bar Association should be withdrawn. First, it’s on video that you said if insurgency last for this long, the government of the day must have been involved. You insisted on the video that you have been in government and you know what you are talking about. Secondly, it’s on video too that you admitted visiting these killers and giving them money to stop killing.

Since you know them to the extent of visiting their camp, that just justifies your stand that government knows what is happening. Most importantly, since you bribed killers and they continue to kill, that means you just funded them. Besides, your anti democratic moves of destroying your political opponents house and arresting media personnels are another strong reason why NBA ought not to have extended you the invitation in the first place.

You owe the world a strong worded apology. Pretend as you can, I know that you understand the damage the withdrawal of the invitation has done to your image. That’s why you made this post in the first place lamenting. Cry us a river.
Lastly, your leadership has been against virtually against very tent of ideology you stood against and crusaded for as an opposition. You have exposed yourself as another opportunist, a pretender to the high profile of social crusaders that desired the best for the society.

Mallam EL Rufai, you are a 7th century jihadist wearing the rope of a modern oriental thinker. You pretend to be in the class of United Emirates leaders who are developing their society to modern civilization, when indeed you’re just an educated version of Afghanistan Taliban. Remember you are the same person that threatened of carrying Americans in body bags during the last election, that NBA after such terrorist tendency comment still extended you an invitation, says a lot about their new leadership. Most of what I wrote about you here are documented.

Accept it or not, under your regime ethnic cleansing is going on in Southern Kaduna. You’re directly involved in the killing of thousands of Moslems who share different religious ideology with you and under your command, their leader and family are still being detained. You once gave an interview and quoted Lord Action who said, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Look at the mirror and see yourself just there. You may not know how much the documentation of your actions and killings in Kaduna under you have gone. We understand your your desperation to hide under extended immunity of Vice President after 2023, it won’t work.

So many international organizations are waiting for you when you get out of power. Keep on living a delusional life that you are what you are not. The walls have ears and we know the governor the terrorists claimed works with them. Time will reveal him.

Being Agba Kalu’s reaction to thr withdrawal of NBA invitation earlier extended to Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai.

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