Retired Escort Shares Why Men Cheat – Says They All Fall Into Three Categories

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A retired high-class escort says the profession exposed her to men from all walks of life – and the reasons they decide to cheat on their parners.

Working in the industry for six years and going under the name Samantha X, she explained that those determined to cheat will always find the time, no matter how busy their lives are.

Samantha warned that no matter how strong the marriage and how perfect family life at home may seem, “men still stray” in numbers high enough to keep the adult industry alone “recession proof”.

She said in her experience of dealing with married men, their reasons for cheating fall into one of three categories.

The first is men who have “zero intimacy” with their wife, sometimes for decades, and feel like a walking credit card but refuse to leave because they don’t want to lose their money or hurt their children.

Then there are those who insist they love their wives but “admit they just need variety”.

And the third is the ones she calls the “most complex lot” – the very happily married man where there appears to be no reason.

Samantha told that some men choose to see sex workers rather than having an affair because they “don’t want the headache” and believe they would probably get caught.

Although they say they don’t want to hurt their partners and destroy their marriage, Samantha says she often thinks their wives know but turn a blind eye rather than having to face starting their lives again.

She said: “It’s not my job to judge. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my role as Samantha is that it is not a perfect world, we are not perfect people and everyone is just doing the best they can.

“At first I found it hard to comprehend why happily married men seek intimacy elsewhere, whether it be with sex workers (which they assure me isn’t cheating …) or have long-term affairs.

“I see, hear and meet enough married men as Samantha to put me off saying ‘I do’ for life. And let me assure you, it’s not just men who stray. Plenty of women do it too, and I’ve had plenty of clients devastated about their wives’ affairs.”[sic]