N2.4 Billion For Travels, N135 Million On Refreshments – Inside Presidency’s 2021 Budget

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Details of the 2021 budget signed by President Muhammadu Buhari have been looked into.

It has been revealed that the office of the president will spend a total of N2.42 billion on travels and transport (local and international) in 2021, while the state house in Abuja will spend N135.6 million on refreshments. This is according to a budget document seen by TheCable.

President Muhammadu Buhari had on December 31, 2020, signed the N13.58 trillion 2021 budget into law.

In the budget, total expenditure budgeted for the office of the president stands at N3.82 billion, while recurrent and overhead cost is N2.76 billion.

Other key highlights of the 2021 budgetary provision for the office of the president show that supply of catering materials and foodstuffs will gulp N98.3 million; a total of N164.17 million will be spent on honorarium and sitting allowance, while N41.21 million is budgeted for publicity and advertisement.

For the office of the vice-president, N801.03 million will be spent on travels (both local and international), refreshment and meals will cost N18.26 million, honorarium and sitting allowance will cost N20.26 million. N50.88 million is budgeted for the supply of catering materials and foodstuffs, and N23 million for welfare packages.

The office will spend N111.7 million on acquisition of computer software in the year.

The state house in Abuja is to spend N336.26 million on motor vehicles, N478.31 million on honorarium and sitting allowance and N240.7m on welfare packages

The budget figure for wildlife conservation stands at N51.46 million; N60.94 million on sporting and gaming equipment, and N45.67 million for generator fuel.

The office of the chief security officer to the president will spend N229.41 million on the purchase of motor vehicles, while drugs and other supplies for the state house medical centre will cost a total of N208.35 million.