Lagos: Lekki Homeowners Urges Sanwo-Olu To Probe Invasion Of Alma Beach Estate

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Homeowners and allottees at Alma Beach Estate, Lekki, Lagos State, have asked the state governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to order investigation into the violence and wanton destruction of property being perpetrated by land grabbers aided by thugs and policemen in the community.

They made the demand in a statement to challenge claims by a firm that the homeowners and allottees lawyer, Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN) was trying to obstruct the course of justice in regard to some developments in the estate.

The statement described the allegation against Banire as bundles of lies from the beginning to the end.

“In the first instance, Dr. Banire joined the team of lawyers engaged by estate owners just last year, September precisely. How he would have influenced events prior to that date for which he was not aware of the existence remains a mystery.

“Secondly, the court of appeal judgment referred to in their press statement has nothing to do with our registered titles and is strictly a matter of debenture and receivership between Nicon and Alma beach management”.

The homeowners accused the firm of using thugs in connivance with some policemen to harass their members and demolish their properties illegally, even as against the clear instruction of the Inspector General of Police for all parties to steer clear of the land.

“Dr. Banire as all know, is a man of impeccable character who strangely is yet to even visit the land, much less bringing anyone there.

“The purpose of the vituperation is to derail Dr. Banire from his professional handling of the matter. We know that the lawyer can handle the situation professionally but we feel compelled to react to the lies peddled there. “No judgment of any court awards our land to any Nicon at any time and the said firm does not even have any title registered in its favour much less any document identifying the land belonging to it.”

They urged both the police and the Lagos State government to step in and stop the gradual descent into anarchy in the community.

“We once again call on the police and other law enforcement authorities to stop the carnage being perpetrated by these land grabbers with the aid of thugs and police. We invite the public to visit and see the destruction carried out illegally by the so-called receiver. These are lawless people rushing developments on our land without any title nor approval from the government. We seize the opportunity to call on Governor Sanwo-Olu to cause investigation into our allegation,” they stated.