9mobile Proposes Cloud-based Solutions For Lecturers, Students

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9mobile is providing free access to lecturers and students on tertiary educational technology platform, MyClassConnect.

9mobile’s support with the technology solution, will ensure that users can access the platform without incurring mobile data costs.

The partnership with MyClassConnect, a cloud-based single educational technology platform that facilitates both virtual and physical learning efficiency in higher institutions in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, is another avenue 9mobile is exploring to continue to provide innovative options for the academic community to continue teaching and learning while keeping safe during and after the pandemic.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Executive Director, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, 9mobile, Abdulrahman Ado, said: “9mobile recognises the importance of leveraging technology to support very important segments of society like students and the academia. While the pandemic brought unprecedented disruptions to life and society, it has also shown us what we can achieve through technology and innovative thinking. That is why we are delighted to support edtech platform, MyClassConnect, to expand access to efficient virtual and in-person tertiary teaching and learning while keeping safe.”

This gesture is driven by our passion for youth and our corporate focus on education as one of the strategic corporate social responsibility pillars at 9mobile, Ado added.

In his remarks, Founder and CEO of MyClassConnect, Okwuchukwu Gospel Obi, said: “The platform enables the efficient handling of academic activities both online & in-person, including planning and delivering lectures, evaluating assessments with improved techniques, keeping up with educational communications out of social media to improve learning feedback, and tracking student learning progress with AI-driven data analytics.”

Okwuchukwu further explained that with support from 9mobile, students and lecturers in Nigerian tertiary institutions could now seize the opportunity afforded by the MyClassConnect platform to continue learning without any disruptions making institutions more relevant beyond Covid-19.