Sometimes It’s People We Know That Will Ruin Us – Lawyer Narrates Touching Story

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A Nigerian man, Living Saint has warned people to be careful especially when it comes to relationship with family members.

He narrated the story of a man held in prison for murder and how the man’s sister schemed to have him found culpable for the crime.

He wrote:

One time like that. I was in court.

A young man and other inmates were brought in by a prison warder.

This young man was later charged for murder. No lawyer stood up to represent him. The law is that an accused cannot be tried without a lawyer especially in a capital offense.

The Judge asked him where his lawyer is and he said he had none. The Judge threw it open if any lawyer would represent him. No lawyer stood up.

I stood up and undertook to represent the young man pro bono. The Judge prayed for me.

After the young man’s arraignment, I met him and took his statement. I also collected his sister’s number just to inform her of her brother’s situation and the fact that I’ll be representing him legally.

Only for me to call his sister and she insulted me ehn. Called me all sorts of names and informed me she has a lawyer for her brother. I thanked her and ended the call.

I went to prison to see the young man and told him what transpired between myself and his sister. No apologies. He affirmed the sister will be bringing a lawyer. No problem.

Next adjourned date. His case was called. His sister was nowhere to be found. No lawyer from his sister. I stood up. Informed the Judge what transpired and withdrew my appearance.

Young man started wailing and crying in court. Begging me and telling me its devil that was using his sister. Judge asked him if it was devil that made him affirm what his sister said? He said yes and wailed louder.

I later took up the case again shaaa.

Sometimes its people we know that will ruin us.

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Ps: It’s the same young man that was declared innocent and freed in November…