5 Die In Bauchi Boat Mishap

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At least five persons were reportedly killed after the canoe that was carrying them capsized in Jama’are local government area of Bauchi State.

The member representing Jama’are in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Hon Saleh Muhammed disclosed this to reporters in Bauchi. He said the victims lost their lives after hours of heavy downpour and windstorm in the area which also left many houses and farmlands destroyed.

The lawmaker decried the devastation caused by floods in his constituency, revealing that no fewer than 500 houses were destroyed and about 1,000 families displaced.

He said that the displaced families are now taking shelter in schools, government buildings, mosques and neighbouring villages adding that 60,000 hectares of farmlands of various crops valued at several millions of naira were destroyed during the incident.

“Jama’are town and its surrounding villages had been hit by a very devastating flood that rendered several people homeless. The flood is estimated to have destroyed over 500 houses and displaced about 1,000 families. It also ravaged more than 60,000 hectares of farmlands and destroyed farm produce estimated at several hundreds of millions of naira.

“It is disheartening to inform you that, hundreds of houses and several hectares of farmlands of the following villages were destroyed by the recent flooding and their residents are currently seeking shelter at public schools, government buildings, mosques and neighbouring villages: Yola, Dakodako, Gongo, Gilar, Sabongari, Jogayel, Jabbori, Bodinga, Guda among others are disconnected from Jama’are town amongst others.

“These villages have been disconnected from Jama’are town, there is no access road leading to the local government headquarters, and all the culverts have been broken down, eroded and taken away by the flood,” he said.

Hon Saleh called on the Bauchi State House of Assembly to mandate the executive arm to come to the aid of the victims of the flood that devastated Jama’are and its surroundings.

He added that: “Equally, no fewer than five persons reportedly lost their lives when a canoe capsized as a result of heavy rains and windstorm in Jama’are town. The flood damaged countless infrastructures and cut many roads. It is on record that, Jama’are local government area is increasingly experiencing annual flooding during the rainy season. The town is the most vulnerable to flooding perhaps due to the presence of a river in the area. There is too much water in the river and the flow capacity becomes overwhelmed and it bursts its banks which creates havoc to the people of the area.”

Muhammad said the recent flood not only endangered the lives of humans and animals alone but also caused outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and malaria.